From the Booth: Ask The Announcers

Throughout the season fans can submit questions they have for me and my fellow YES Network Announcers Marv Albert, Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel. Some of these questions will get answered live on air during upcoming New Jersey Nets televised games. If your question is selected, you will be the lucky recipient of a very special, one of a kind Ask The Announcers t-shirt.

MF_Ask the Announcers Tee_18Mar10_550

Here’s a clip that shows an example of the types of questions we like to get:

MF_Mike and Marv with play_Ask Announcers_18Mar10_550

I’ll be in New Jersey this Saturday, March 20th for the Nets-Raptors matchup at 7:30 PM ET. If you have a question for our broadcast team you can submit it here.


  1. ryan hernandez says:

    hey fellas i want to know what happen to jim spanarkles snack a few weeks ago did he eat the hotdog

  2. Mark goldstein says:

    Isn’t the reason for the low rebounds for the celtics a longstanding problem that only recently has been partly improved by the addition of shaq?  If they have high fg% they still have low rebounds for the 100% rebounds that could have been made.  Pls comment.

  3. Hello what was the most points scored in a game by Avery Johnson.

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