Czar Trivia

When I was a kid I loved to collect baseball cards and I still enjoy collecting, especially the satisfaction of completing a series.

Soon after the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Quarters Program was launched in 1999, I decided to start collecting them. I was years into my pursuit before someone informed me that I must obtain both the Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues of each state in order for my coin collection to be complete.

After many more years of pocketing and examining all my change, I’ve nearly succeeded in reaching by goal. But I still haven’t been able to bank every state/mint.

Which State Quarters do you think are the hardest ones to come by?


  1. Mike Fratello says:

    Hawaii was tough, but for me the Denver Mint issues of the Alaska, Alabama, Montana and Oklahoma quarters wound up being the most difficult to track down. Nonetheless, I persevered and managed to assemble one complete collection.

  2. NJ (of course)

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