Top Telestrator Plays: Jordan’s All-Star Shot

The Czar breaks down Michael Jordan’s overtime shot in the 2003 All-Star Game.

[nba-video vid=channels/tnt_overtime/2010/02/04/]


  1. ramil rapues says:

    In what should have been his final act on court as an All-Star, MJ made this very difficult baseline fadeway jumper to the delight of millions basketball fans watching all over the world. The East unfortunately lost in overtime but this shouldn’t have prevented NBA from handing His Airness that final All-Star MVP plum in recognition of his contributions, legacies in sports and for being “the best there ever was…the best there ever will be in” in the world of basketball.

  2. marco digno says:

    best nba player of all time. and the second is kobe.. may reklamo…

  3. james says:

    if you watch the clock carefully on that play it didnt start running for about 3-4 seconds after the ball was in play, so really that should of been a mj game winner at the buzzer!!! funny no one has ever said anything bout that, pls go back and watch the tape and see for yourself

  4. Barty says:

    Jordan’s shot should’ve been the most spectacular play of that game…Nobody can shoot the fadeaway in crunch time better than Michael..

    • kobe!

    • that game belongs to MJ anyways…. this kobe okinawa japanese name would really want to steal the spotlight from THE GAME (MJ). he forced his trey and fished for the foul… makes no sense at all. ei kobe (who ever you are) you aint taking MJ’s throne by any means. you can never be like MIKE, not even close.

  5. Giovanni says:

    Everything is ok,but the stunning MJ’s shot didn’t bring the W to the Eastern Conference. Western Conference won in OT and KG was named MVP.

    • marco digno says:

      tama ka dyan

    • MJ is “THE GAME” kobe boy will never be like MIKE. not even close. he just went on and fish for the foul to steal the spotlight in that game. he’s jealous i guess bcoz all eyes were on MJ. anything kobe does will not bring him close to being like MIKE, no one can be like MIKE.

  6. Even at the BIG 40 his Airness was still legendary. Mike was a baller.

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