Fratello Fundamentals

In the closing minutes of a tight game players must be aware of the time and the score and go for high percentage shots. A few poor decisions here and there can make the difference in the final outcome. Case in point: the Nets gave up a close one to Detroit on Tuesday because they made some costly mental mistakes down the stretch.

By the fourth quarter Detroit had gotten into some foul trouble, giving the Nets a chance to get to the foul line and add a lot of free points to the score board. But the Nets were never able to take advantage of the bonus situation because they weren’t aggressive about going to the basket. You’ve got to drive and force the official to make a call – make him blow the whistle and put you on the foul line

Instead of waiting for good looks at the basket or creating foul shot opportunities, the Nets wound up settling for several rushed outside shots which they missed. Detroit increased their lead and the Nets could not recover. Poor shot selection along with not being aggressive in the paint stopped the Nets’ offense.

It’s crucial for young players to understand how big each possession is and how important it is to go for high percentage shots in order to pull off a close game. Veteran guys like the Pistons tend to be a little bit more patient because they understand how much it means to get the ball in the hands of the right person and to get the right shot. On the positive side, the Nets have been very competitive in their last six games and have given themselves a chance to win. Now they have to build on their experiences and figure out how to take their game one step further to get across the finish line.

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