Fan Vote: Which Tie Should Mike Wear?

Looks like I’ll be ringing in the New Year with Marv in San Antonio where TNT will televise Thursday’s Spurs vs. Heat matchup.  I picked out a few ties for the broadcast but haven’t made up my mind yet.  Which one should I wear? Cast a vote for the one you like best and that could be the deciding factor!

(L-R: Metallic floral, Diamond checkerboard, Diagonal pleats)


  1. Well, it seems all of the West Conference leaders are grouped up 4 to 7 games behind the LA, what year is this? Anybody else sick of that?
    Gee Whiz…

  2. Although the diagaonal pleats looks very sharp & classy, the diamond checkerboard would be more festive for New Years Eve!

  3. Diagonal Stripes!!!!!!

  4. Wow, the Lakers are rock’n this year, I hope we’re able to stay healthy
    through the finals…..

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