Czar Star: Chris Paul

Of the top ten players with the highest field goal percentage in the NBA, nine are big men.  Only one is a guard: Hornets’ superstar Chris Paul. How does he do it? Rather than relying on jump shots, Chris has a tremendous ability to invade the paint and finish at the rim.  He’s a master of dribble penetration, breaking down defenses with his uncanny ability to penetrate the lane and set up the open man or himself for the higher percentage shot.

This year Chris has improved his game by sharpening his perimeter shots. He’s shooting 54 percent from the field while averaging 21 points a game and ranks second in the league in assists. And as always, he’s among the leaders in steals.

Superior speed, unselfishness, incredible court vision, and fearlessness – Chris is a coach’s dream. Night in and night out he brings effort and leadership and I expect we’ll see this Czar Star lead his team back up in the standings.

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