Fired Up: When’s That Bowl Game Again?

The waiting is almost over — counting down the hours ‘til tonight’s long anticipated BCS National Championship.  Maybe I’ve just grown impatient with age, but feels like I’ve been sitting in the movie theater watching the increasingly drawn-out and dull previews for too long.  Let’s get on with the show already.

I used to enjoy turning on the TV New Year’s morning and watching a steady stream of marquee bowl games — the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange and Rose – perfect way to kick off the new year.  Now it’s difficult to keep track of the 34 bowl games that span a lengthy 3-week postseason.  The addition of so many periphery bowls in an effort to generate revenue has diminished the once remarkable occasions.

From a coach’s perspective, it’s got to be incredibly challenging to sustain a team’s momentum and keep the players sharp — both teams have been waiting for 33 days since winning their respective Conference championships.  Seems excessive and a bit unfair to the players as well as the fans.  Let’s hope tonight’s Tide vs. Longhorns battle is worth the wait.