Fratello’s Fantasy Pick: Kirk Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich was a great pickup for the Washington Wizards from the standpoint that he’s an experienced veteran who has played both the point guard and off guard positions. The Wiz couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Hinrich for their No. 1 draft pick John Wall.

This is a familiar role for Hinrich, who was willing to take a step back to give point guard Derrick Rose room to develop when the Bulls drafted him first overall in 2008. A consummate professional, Hinrich has proven to be an unselfish player who leads by example. As co-captain he will be able to pass on some of the wisdom he’s acquired over the years and help prepare Wall for what he’ll encounter in the league.

Hinrich contributes on a nightly basis. He can defend both the 1 and 2 guard positions, run the show on offense from the point position, make threes to stretch the defense, and he’s a great free throw shooter. Hinrich also has the ability and toughness to play at the small forward position if Washington wants to play three smalls together: Wall, Hinrich and Gilbert Arenas.

Averaging 11 points, 3 rebounds, nearly 5 assists and 1 steal per game, Hinrich is a very valuable addition the Washington Wizards and can add value to your roster too. Available in over 60% of fantasy leagues, Hinrich will log around 36 minutes in each of Washington’s four games this week.

Fratello Telestrator: Hinrich Spots Opening for Two in Transition

Kirk Hinrich had  a sensational season high 30 points to combine with Rose for 69 total in last night’s win over the Celts, which extended the Bulls’ lead to one game on Toronto with one left to play in the regular season. Bulls will face the Bobcats tonight in their final chance to secure the 8-seed the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs.

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