On The Road with Mike: Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets

King James, D-Wade and Bosh paid a visit to the Garden State on Sunday for the Heat’s final season matchup against D-Will and the Nets.

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Thanks to Theresa Ganchorre for sharing her photos.

From the Booth

Mike and Ian break down Wednesday’s loss to the Hornets in New Orleans.

Czar Trivia

Ian and I are down in Memphis where the Nets will take on the Grizzlies tonight at 8:00 PM ET. Though the talented Griz (12-16) were hoping to be playoff contenders this year, they are still struggling to surpass the .500 mark. Both Memphis and New Jersey have been involved in a handful of close games this season that turned out to be heartbreaking losses. But the Nets (8-20) have gotten a couple much-needed wins under their belts, while Memphis recently strung together four wins in a row. Travis Outlaw grew up three hours south of Memphis in Starkville, Mississippi, so his cheering section will try to help the Nets get back-to-back wins, while the Grizzlies will fight to stave off their third consecutive loss.

It’s good to get back to Memphis and see so many friends that I made during my time here. The “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll” is synonymous with the King Elvis Presley, who met President Richard Nixon at the White House 40 years ago today, on Dec. 21st, 1970.

Gameday Dish: New Look Announcers

Ian and I decided to repurpose our Ask the Announcers segment in order to reintroduce eighties-style shutter shades during our Sixers at Nets broadcast. But apparently Kanye West beat us to the punch by about three years. Though we missed that trend, I think we might be onto something color-wise since the Birdman’s glasses matched Jrue Holiday’s sneakers and our stage manager Adam Geller’s jacket. Then again, Adam’s jacket was ultimately rejected from the coat drive so maybe not.

Gameday Dish: It’s Getting Hot in Here

I sported my NBA headband for the second half of a Nets broadcast earlier this season to support T-Will in his endeavor to bring back the headband. Terrence wore his both halves that night, not just the first half as in previous games.  Ian’s bringing back the classic wristband.

Mike and Ian gear up for their Nets broadcast with head and wristbands in a show of solidarity with the players.

Hmm, looks like Terrence positioned his headband a little differently.  Who do you think wore it best?

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images