Czar Trivia

Ian and I are down in Memphis where the Nets will take on the Grizzlies tonight at 8:00 PM ET. Though the talented Griz (12-16) were hoping to be playoff contenders this year, they are still struggling to surpass the .500 mark. Both Memphis and New Jersey have been involved in a handful of close games this season that turned out to be heartbreaking losses. But the Nets (8-20) have gotten a couple much-needed wins under their belts, while Memphis recently strung together four wins in a row. Travis Outlaw grew up three hours south of Memphis in Starkville, Mississippi, so his cheering section will try to help the Nets get back-to-back wins, while the Grizzlies will fight to stave off their third consecutive loss.

It’s good to get back to Memphis and see so many friends that I made during my time here. The “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll” is synonymous with the King Elvis Presley, who met President Richard Nixon at the White House 40 years ago today, on Dec. 21st, 1970.


  1. Oh Elvis, you were such a handsome man! This was before he spiraled downhill…we miss you Elvis! Now on to watching the game

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