In Memory of Dennis Hopper

WEB_Revised3-Mike and Dennis_Hopper-no Marc_JULY2013I was very sad to hear of the passing of Dennis Hopper on Saturday. He will be laid to rest this Wednesday in Ranchos de Taos, a city in New Mexico where he wanted to be buried. I met Dennis many years ago when I was coaching in Atlanta.

Our paths first crossed when Tommy Lasorda introduced us in Los Angeles and then he wound up coming to Georgia a few years later to film Paris Trout in 1990. While shooting he was a regular at our house on weekends. We shared a lot of great meals and laughs together during that time.

I remember one day in particular when Dennis came over with his good friend Satya De La Manitou and the Dodgers were in town so Tommy came over with a few of his coaches. We spent a wonderful afternoon breaking bread together and sharing memories. The following year Dennis invited our family to his home in Los Angeles, which I know was particularly exciting for my son Marc who was acting at the time and is now himself a filmmaker.

We stayed in contact over the years and Dennis was always a great friend during the time that I knew him. We have lost an original talent, an icon and a pioneer in the film industry. My regrets, sympathy and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.