Czar’s Got Heart


Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley is one of the greatest high school coaches in our country. He has dedicated his life to producing terrific basketball players and outstanding young men at St. Anthony High School.

Coach Hurley is campaigning to raise awareness about St. Anthony and to secure financial stability for the Jersey City school for years to come. CLICK HERE for more information about how you can help St. Anthony preserve its legacy of academic and athletic excellence.

Yesterday I spoke with Krista Saponora, the executive producer of the award-winning film The Street Stops Here, about the important work Coach Hurley has done and the major impact he’s made in his community.

STA2020: When and how did you first meet Coach Hurley?

Mike: I’m from North Jersey, Hackensack area.  My hometown and Jersey City are not that far apart, geographically.  In the inner-circles of basketball in north Jersey, we obviously came across each other.  I’ve heard a great deal about him and his team, and his great success that he’s had.  A couple of times, I took the opportunity to drive and watch his teams play.  We’d meet each other, either before or after the game, and talk a little bit.  After that, we ran into each other occasionally.  At a tournament, state Finals, out-of-state tournament that he may have entered.

STA2020: When you first saw him, and you’ve heard so much about him.  What instantly stood out to you, as a coach, seeing him when he coached?

Mike: Thinking back, early on one of the first time’s that we met – either a game or a practice.  I enjoyed so much watching the discipline he had instilled in his team and how when he spoke he had everyone’s attention.  All eyes were on him…. READ MORE!