Ukraine and the Czar

After the World Cup draw in Barcelona, Spain I traveled to Kiev for the 2014 Ukraine Cup. Prior to the championship game on Sunday I ran a coaching clinic with four of my assistants, and we had about 160 attendees. Then we watched Budivelnik beat Donetsk for the Ukraine Cup title!

WEB-Czar in UKR2-Oleksiy Naumov-9FEB2014

Photo courtesy of Oleksiy Naumov.


  1. Ivan says:

    Good day! Dear Mike, I am a resident of Ukraine and, of course, a basketball fan. Today I saw expanded our team at the world championships in basketball, and I was hurt that this compound did not get three players: Vitaly Malczewski, Alexei Pechery and Vitaly Kovalenko. During the season, they have shown themselves to a high standard.

  2. Hello Coach,

    This is the only way I knew how to reach you, I am a Ukrainian-Canadian Basketball Player.
    I was born in Ukraine and lived there for 10 years, I play basketball for Ryerson University in Canada.
    I am a 6’5, 190lbs versatile athlete, capable of playing SG, PG and SF.

    I was wondering if it is possible to get information about trying out for the National Team.
    Thank You,

    Ostap Choliy

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