Ukraine and The Czar

After a week of practices in Kiev we traveled to Serbia last night and will compete in a four-team exhibition tournament this weekend. We’ll face Montenegro in Game 1 and Serbia in Game 2. Game 3 will be winners vs. winners and losers vs. losers. Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia are all outstanding teams, so this will be an important test for us as we’ve mostly been scrimmaging against ourselves. We’ve only played two exhibition games so far, and we were missing 6 players who joined us late this summer. So we don’t know who we are yet. With less than a month to go until EuroBasket 2013, I look forward to seeing what we can do in this tourney and getting a handle on our strengths and weaknesses as we hone our identity.

WEB_heading Serbia tourney-9AUG2013


  1. Dave Walsh says:

    Win some games, and say hi to Adubato for me!

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