Fratello’s Fantasy Pick: Derrick Williams

With over 80% of the NBA regular season in the rear view mirror, fantasy GMs locked in tight races need to examine every player angle to discern who can add depth and production to their rosters heading into the homestretch.

The 24-44 Minnesota Timberwolves have endured a disappointing run filled with injuries to key players. Without a postseason to play for, veteran coach Rick Adelman may experiment with his rotations and the distribution of playing time over the last 14 contests.

One Minnesota player who has come on in March is second-year forward Derrick Williams. After being taken 2nd overall out of Arizona in the 2011 NBA Draft, 21-year-old Williams has underwhelmed in comparison to some forwards selected later in his draft like Kenneth Faried and Chandler Parsons.

However, in 13 March games Williams has put up the best numbers of his young career. Over this span, the La Mirada, California native has averaged 16.7 ppg, 6.3 rpg and 0.7 bpg in 31.8 mpg. The 2011 Pac-10 POY scored a career-high 28 points on 3/17 and then matched it on 3/24.

Williams’ field goal percentage isn’t great, but he is getting his shots – an average of 14 FG attempts in March including 3 from behind the arc, where he is a decent shooter for a big man.

Williams won’t get you any assists or amaze you night after night, which is why he’s very available on the waiver wire as well as a low value trade.

Look for Williams to continue to get his opportunities to score and add some boards as the season winds down for non-playoff teams.


  1. scootover7 says:

    Derrick Williams is a solid player. I don’t think he is as good as Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets but Williams is getting his opportunity now to try and shine. I feel sorry for the Timberwolves because of all of there injuries. Last year with Rubio and this year with Love. I’d like to see Rubio, Love and Williams out on the court together at once. I feel that they would be fighting for a playoff spot with all of there key pieces out there. While no injury to any player is good the only positive thing is Derrick Williams gets his chance to try and learn how to score and rebound. Williams is doing solid with more playing time and hopefully he can up his field goal percentage.

  2. scootover7 says:

    I feel that Derrick Williams doesn’t get enough credit. While Williams doesn’t play as good as Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets he is a decent solid player. I feel sorry for the Timberwolves and the injuries they’ve had the last few seasons with Love and Rubio. I think if Love and Rubio and Williams were out there at the same time it would be fun to watch. Now that Love is out Derrick Williams gets more of the opportunity to step up and show why he was taken number 2.

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