Czar’s End of Year Awards



  1. Thank yoou for sharing this

  2. Clay Thomas says:

    you should have added the Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins. he has done an exceptional job with this team leading them to the 5th place in the western conference and can clinch home court tonight with a win.

  3. Steve Mitchell says:

    You blew it Coach, and this is coming from one of your Bocce fans from the Memphis Italian Festival. Where was Lionel Hollins? Memphis will play for home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs tonight. They’ll be doing this despite the loss of their double/double machine Zach Randolph for almost the entire season, the loss of Darrell Arthur for the entire year, the lack of a backup point guard and more new faces then you see at a military base school every new school year. They play tenacious defense (they’ll lead the league this year in steals for the second straight season), unselfish team ball and go about their business in a no-frills, grit and grind manner that is a perfect mirror of their coach’s approach to the game. No one has done a better job of getting every ounce his team has to offer out of them this year than Lionel. To not even mention him is a travesty. I expected more…

    • Mike Fratello says:

      Steve, I agree that Lionel Hollins has done an outstanding job coaching the Grizzlies to the playoffs this season.

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