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Ronnie from Alcoa wants to know:

When is someone going to address the referee situation and the need for some type of replay or conference between officials to get calls right, especially at key times of games?

The NBA first instituted instant replay prior to the 2002-03 season in order to review last second shots and fouls at the end of each period. The topic of instant replay comes up every year, and we’ve seen the NBA Board of Governors continue to make modifications to the rules over each of the last few seasons in order to ensure that accurate calls are made. Including the most recent modifications, the league now uses 11 different triggers for instant replay review. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Board of Governors takes another look at some of the controversial calls that impacted games this season. If they feel that the instant replay rules in place right now are insufficient, they may expand them or add new ones in order to better enable officials to get calls right. But for better or worse, human error is a part of the game.


  1. I really want to know the reason why you called this particular blog post,
    “Ask The Czar « Mike Fratello”. Anyway I enjoyed the post!

    Many thanks,Mathias

  2. Dale Richards says:

    Mike: 6/16/12 You are one person that maybe can help this open breaking of the rules. When did the officials decide that three steps is no longer a travel violation? L James takes three steps almost every time he goes to the hoop. D Wade did it a few times in the last game. Because the NBA no longer calls traveling for three steps it is now a cancer into college, high school and street ball. It is so frustrating when kids take two quick steps then another (3 total) and no one challenges the call. Well then reply, the NBA allows it!!! How can we get the league to start calling three steps as a traveling violation? We need someone with power like you to get this turned around. It is ruining the game and giving those who use the three steps a big advantage. HELP PLEASE!!! Dale Richards

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