Czar’s Finals Preview: Heat vs. Mavericks Game 3

As most anticipated, we are in the midst of a great NBA Finals series. Dallas never gave up in Game 2 after falling down by 15 points in the fourth quarter. They just chipped away at Miami’s lead and made shots when they counted most. Then Dirk did it again, sinking three shots in a row to close out the game and tie up the championship series.

I have a hunch Game 3 will be one of the most watched games in playoff history. You have a country that is divided between those who are pro-Miami and want to see the Big Three stars come together to take the Title, and the other faction of basketball fans who are rooting against the Heat for that very same reason.

Counting the four losses from the 2006 NBA Championship series when the Heat clinched the Title, the Mavs’ Game 1 loss made for five straight losses to Miami in the playoffs. By Dallas splitting the series in Miami, not only does it give the Mavericks team belief that they can beat the Heat this time around, it also gives fans on both sides of the fence the belief that this could be anybody’s year.

Now we will see the bounce-back ability of this Miami team, which has played well on the road in the playoffs up to this point. For all those who argue about  the 2-3-2  format, this is the advantage of getting one of the first two games for the team without home court advantage. If you grab one of the first two games it becomes a tremendous advantage knowing you’re going home for the next three games in a row.

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