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Bobby Bonilla wants to know:

How many teams with at least four appearances in the NBA Finals remain undefeated in that title series?

These are the teams that have been to the NBA Finals at least four times and the season they went undefeated in the championship series.

2006-07 Spurs

2001-02 Lakers

1994-95 Rockets

1988-89 Pistons

1982-83 76ers

1974-75 Bullets

1958-59 Celtics


  1. john motroni says:

    I listened to your Thanksgiving memories on and laughed. As an Italian-American living my life on the West Coast we shared with you and probably every other Italian-American the same memories of Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was on the main floor of a three story flat in San Francisco where we and my aunts and uncles lived. There were twenty people or more at the table with the usual laughter and mock arguments. As a child my hand was stung more than I could count by my grandmother’s wooden spoon when I would try to sneak into the kitchen to steal some ravioli and sauce before the meal. Those days are unfortunately long gone. Thanks again and happy holidays to you and your family.


    The facts are there Kobe bryant makes 3 million less than the entire team for the sacremento kings or denver nuggets thats just not right. Los angeles salary is 4 times what denver is. Kobe bryant and Pau Gasol make more than the combined salaries for 7 teams. Now add in Bynum and those three players earn more than 20 nba teams yearly salaries almost even new yorks. The big three in boston, the big three in new york or the three losers in miami make 48 million a year thats more than 12 nba teams complete salaries. There should be a salary cap plain and simple.

    Whats your opinion? Im for the owners and say the players get plenty to do what i would do for free.

  3. Will you be working any Fantasy Camps in 2012?



    • Mike Fratello says:

      Hey Pete, I appreciate your interest but I am not scheduled to participate in any 2012 Fantasy Camps as of yet.

  4. Paul C says:


    Players with grades and interested in a great education and basketball experience we are always looking for… Don’t forget about me here at Dartmouth…

    Be well…

  5. Wayne says:

    Hey Mike

    If the lockout persists for entire season and then is resolved in time for the 2012 draft how would the league determine draft position?

    If you don’t know the answer that’s fine but it seems like no one knows the answer. Me being a business student tells me the league should (if it doesn’t already) have a contingency plan.

  6. Vincent Brier says:


    You stated during the Grizzlies/Thunder game 4 that the pivotal “off the head of Harden” out bounds review was an easy decision because the ball clearly went off of Harden last as Mayo bounced the ball off his head in mid air. However, int e official NBA rules it states that if a player is out of bounds and touches the ball before he returns to the court of play, then tha ball is out of bounds. Clearly, Mayo’s right foot is on the sideline boundary as he jumps in the air to grab the ball and deflect it off of Harden. I was telling you through the screen that you were wrong, but apparently you didn’t hear me. Can I get a little redemption?

    Section I-Player The player is out-of-bounds when he touches the floor or any object on or outside a boundary. For location of a player in the air, his position is that from which he last touched the floor.

    It says nothing about whether the player must be posessing the ball for this fact to occur.

    • Mike Fratello says:

      Thanks for sharing your observations Vincent and Wes. When I first watched the replay I also thought Mayo’s right foot was on the sideline boundary when he jumped in the air to grab the ball and deflect it off of Harden. I believe the officials determined that Mayo in fact got his foot back inbounds before throwing the ball off Harden. Unfortunately I don’t have the replay in front of me, but I’m going to try and review the footage before tomorrow night’s game. Overall I think refs did a great job officiating in light of the duration and intensity of that game. And in the end the Thunder managed to come away with the win.


      • Mike Fratello says:

        I did get a chance to check the replay prior to Game 5 and you two were correct – Mayo’s foot was in fact on the sideline when he jumped in the air, caught the ball and threw it off Harden. Therefore the ball should have been awarded to OKC.

  7. wes says:

    In the first overtime of the Thunder-Grizzlies game, Harden blocked Mayo’s shot in the corner. Mayo jumped up, caught the ball and then bounced it off Harden’s head. Initially, the referees ruled it Thunder ball. After review, they reversed the call giving the ball to the Grizzlies. Mayo then knocked down the three. However, the sideline replay clearly shows Mayos’ right foot on the sideline when he jumped up and caught the ball. The officials had the call right the first time. Unfortunately, they weren’t looking at his foot, they were looking to see who touched the ball last. But since Mayo’s foot was out of bounds, as soon as he touched it, the ball should have been ruled out on him. They missed it! Now the game is in double overtime. Thoughts???

    • Mike Fratello says:

      Thanks for your comment Wes. See my response to a similar question below.

  8. Darwin Jennings says:

    Darren Collison, a key player in a team concept offense ran indiana Pacer, was injured by falling on a camera man…I understand trying to get the perfect picture to preserve the moment…but when it causes a injury to a key player…it turns a series lost…to a what if…will the league ever look into extending the distance between camera men and baseline

  9. Mary Newman says:

    What do you think about Matt Howard… is he NBA material??

    • Mike Fratello says:

      Thanks for your question Mary.

      Yes, I think there’s always a spot for a hard-nosed banger with a high basketball IQ who comes out of an excellent collegiate program on an NBA roster.


  10. Bruce Modugno says:

    I felt tears in my eyes when I saw the picture of Michael Gullario. He was our brother and roomate at the shore house the year the astonauts landed on moon first time. I just told some Basketball fans last night after the Knicks won (April 6,2011) about Mike,Tom, at the shore house we all shared, I have gotten back in touch with Sal Mastroeni and Joe Catenaro. I am your Fraternity too. I have led a successful life.

    Call me, Bruce Modugno 201-870-3726 cell

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