Fratello’s Fun Stats

As of today, there are two sets of teammates who rank among the top 5 in NBA scoring for the 2010-2011 season: James & Wade in Miami and Anthony & Stoudemire in New York. If both dynamic duos finish in the top 5 at the end of 82 this April, it will be just the second time in NBA history that this has happened. So far the first and last such occurrence was when Warriors Johnston & Arizin and Hawks Selvy & Petit all finished the 1954-1955 regular season among the top 5 scoring leaders.

However, one set of teammates has ranked in the top 5 multiple times: Iverson & Anthony (2008 Nuggets); Bryant & O’Neal (2003 Lakers); Bryant & O’Neal (2001 Lakers); Vandeweghe & English (1984 Nuggets); Vandeweghe & English (1983 Nuggets); Hudson & Maravich (1973 Hawks); West & Baylor (1967 Lakers); West & Baylor (1965 Lakers); Robertson & Twyman (1961 Royals); Petit & Hagan (1960 Hawks); Petit & Hagan (1959 Hawks); Arizin & Johnston (1957 Warriors); Arizin & Johnston (1956 Warriors).

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