Czar Asks You: Ultimate NBA All-Star Fantasy Draft

The 2011 NBA All-Star rosters are teeming with talent. Since 1951, basketball legends and fan favorites have showcased their talents during the annual conference showdown – from early pioneers like Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who holds the record for most All-Star appearances) to eighties heroes Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Dominique Wilkins and Magic Johnson to TNT’s own Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr and Chris Webber. I had the tremendous opportunity to coach some of these greats to victory back in 1988 when I was the head coach of the East.

If you could assemble the ultimate NBA All-Star team which players would you draft?

On All-Star Saturday Charles Barkley, Steve Kerr, Kevin McHale, Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber will play the part of general manager to put together their ultimate All-Star teams. Each analyst will draft from a pool of former All-Stars to fill out their fantasy roster. Following the show, fans can log onto and choose which analyst has the best team. The results of the fan vote will be revealed on Inside the NBA following the All-Star Game on Sunday.

Tune in to the first-ever NBA All-Star Fantasy Draft on All-Star Saturday, February 19 at 6:00 PM on TNT.


  1. I am so grateful for your article post. Really Cool.

  2. youngstef says:

    C. Wilt Chamberlain
    PF. Bill Russell
    SF. Larry Bird
    SG. Michael Jordan
    PG. Magic Johnson
    6 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    7 Oscar Robertson
    8 Hakeem Olajuwon
    9 Julius Erving
    10 Jerry West
    11 Shaquille O’neal
    12 Kobe Bryant
    2nd Team
    C. David Robinson
    PF. Karl Malone
    SF. Elgin Baylor
    SG. Rick Barry
    PG. John Stockton
    6 Charles Barkley
    7 Patrick Ewing
    8 Moses Malone
    9 Scottie Pippen
    10 Tim Duncan
    11 Dominique Wilkins
    12 Allen Iverson

  3. PG John Stockton / Jason Kidd / Magic Johnson
    SG Michael Jordan / Kobe Bryant / Ray Allen
    SF LeBron James / Larry Bird / Oscar Robertson
    PF Karl Malone / Tim Duncan / Charles Barkley
    C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Wilt Chamberlain / Bill Russell

  4. It makes little sense to say what your fantasy team would be, becasue you’re not drafting as they did. You don’t know what players would be available. I like Kerr’s team the best.

  5. My draft board all time all star team:
    1 Chamberlain
    2 big O
    3 Jabbar
    4 Baylor
    5 Jordan
    6 Magic
    7 Archibald
    8 West
    9 Bird
    10 Russell
    11 Barry
    12 Pettit
    13 Bryant
    14 McAdoo
    15 Bellamy
    16 Isaiah Thomas
    17 Havlicek
    18 Barkley
    19 D Robinson
    20 James

  6. John Russel says:

    Reggie’s team is definitely is the best putting a solid dynasty team, followed closely by Steve’s. Reggie got a bargain for MJ and got solid on all positions especially the point guard which is lacking in Steve’s team.

    The worst team is definitely Chuck’s. They don’t have a legit point guard-passer (Williams is a scoring-point guard). Duncan is consistent but not explosive, Miller is the only bright spot there but no go-to-guy that can create offense for himself much like MJ (Durant, oh common, not yet). Kenny’s team is the 2nd worst solely because of lack of muscle. They have all the offensive firepower, the grace and the agility at all positions but no grits, no power, no dominance. They will be outmuscled and be put out of sync by Kevin’s and Cris’s teams.

  7. You guys should provide a forum for the fans to choose their ultimate all-star team. Would be interesting to see the teams that the fans would come up with.

    • Matt MIller says:

      I agree. That is what I want to do. Put up my fantasy team. I will take 13 on my roster. I could win with this team.
      PG John Stockton
      PG O. Robertson
      PG Magic Johnson
      2G Micheal Jordan
      2G Koby Bryant
      SF Labron James
      SF Julius Erving Dr “J”
      PF Tim Duncan
      PF Karl Malone
      C Kareem Abdul Jabar
      C Hakkem Olajuwan
      C Bill Russell
      C Wilt Chamberlain

  8. Ghost Writer says:

    I like Stever Kerr’s team and not because he used to be spur

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