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As of today, January 7th, of the top ten teams in the league by record, five are from the Eastern Conference and five are from the Western Conference.

East:  Boston (27-7), Miami (28-9), Chicago (23-11), Orlando (23-12), Atlanta (24-14)

West:  San Antonio (29-6), Dallas (26-9), LA Lakers (25-11), Utah (24-12), Oklahoma City (24-13)

Of the nine highest scoring teams in the league, only the New York Knicks (who are 1st overall, with an avg. of 107.8 ppg) are from the Eastern Conference.

If the season ended today, both Philadelphia (14-21) and Indiana (14-18) would make the playoffs with losing records.

The Miami Heat is the only NBA team that has played to a sellout crowd every game so far this season, both at home and on the road.

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