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John wants to know:

What were the most points scored in a game by Avery Johnson?

During his pro career, Avery Johnson scored a career-high 29 points with the San Antonio Spurs against the Denver Nuggets on April 18, 1995.

The current Nets head coach played in the NBA for 15 years with Seattle, Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Golden State. Avery was a diminutive point guard whose first concern was running the show by getting his team into offense and making the pass to an open teammate.

People didn’t consider Avery to be a great shooter at first, so they backed off him and made him prove himself. Avery worked and worked and worked to improve his outside shot and keep his defenders honest.

Avery’s perseverance paid off. In Game 5 of the 1999 NBA Finals, Avery Johnson hit the game winning jump shot against the Knicks to clinch the Championship Title for the Spurs.


  1. Gleb Zheglenko says:

    Dear Mr. Fratello,

    Before I ask a question please let me know if you saw my post. Thank you.

    • Mike Fratello says:

      Mr. Zheglenko, I received your previous post but without first-hand knowledge of the occurrence you described or any background on the situation I am unable to comment on it. I welcome other basketball-related questions or comments you would like to submit.

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