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Barcelona born brothers Pau and Marc Gasol faced off in Los Angeles tonight. Western Conference Player of the Week Pau outscored and outrebounded Marc in the Lakers’ decisive 124-105 win over Memphis.

Younger brother Marc moved to Tennessee with his parents when Pau signed with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2001. And again he followed Pau’s lead when he joined the Grizzlies after the Lakers traded the rights to Marc in a multi-player deal to acquire Pau in February 2008.

Now entering his third year in the NBA, Marc Gasol is an up-and-coming star who, in Phil Jackson’s words, is a “tougher, more powerful player than (Pau).” But 2× NBA Champion and 3× NBA All-Star Pau Gasol has set the bar high.

Will Marc Gasol continue to follow in Pau’s footsteps and lead his team to an NBA Championship some day?


  1. Brett says:

    He might lead a team, but he wont lead the Griz that’s for sure.

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