Fratello’s Fantasy Pick: Jarrett Jack

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Raptor Jarrett Jack’s statistics can be deceiving. He’s capable of startling his opponents with numbers well above the 10.7 ppg and 2.7 rebounds he’s averaging this season. He’ll crouch in the single digits and low doubles, then pop up like a Jack-out-the-box with one of those big games you wouldn’t normally expect.

Taking up the slack for sidelined star Chris Bosh, Jack surged against the Wizards on Saturday to help seize a 109-104 victory with 23 points, eight assists and four rebounds. And the previous night he put up 18, dished ten and grabbed five to take down the Nets.

Picked up from the Pacers, Jarrett Jack is one of the new factors responsible for turning around last season’s disappointing finish and this season’s tenuous start. Jack can make shots and get to the rim so he’ll get you some points with his reliable 48.5% field goal percentage. He’s also averaging a career high five assists per game. Jack’s a solid decision maker with the ball in his hands and a solid defender when it’s in his opponent’s. Though he won’t up the pot with steals or blocks, he won’t hurt you with a lot of personal fouls.

Jack is sharing minutes with Calderon – so if Calderon returns to the starting lineup that could cut into Jack’s productivity. But Jack has played well since he’s taken over as a starter. And as long as his team continues to play well coach Triano will likely stick with the formula that’s getting him wins. Jack knows how crucial every single game is down the backstretch. And he’s energized to spring into action to help his team secure a playoff position in the East. Jarrett Jack and the Raptors will be back on the attack Wednesday against the Blazers.

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