Fratello’s Fantasy Pick: Anthony Morrow

If there were a category for “most potentially explosive and least publicized” players in the NBA, Golden State’s Anthony Morrow would top the list. In his sophomore season Morrow is a guy who can get you 30-35 on a given night. And he’s fourth among the league’s 3-point percentage leaders, shooting 52.4% from the arc while averaging 91.5% from the free throw line.

Only problem is you won’t get that kind of productivity every night. Morrow will disappear for a short stretch and then come back with another big game. As a result Morrow’s still somewhat of an enigma, and it remains to be seen what level of play he will ultimately attain on a consistent basis. In 39 games Morrow is averaging 12.3 points and 3.8 rebounds in 30 minutes for the Warriors. But last week’s display shows how much further Morrow can take his game.

Morrow joined some of the most talented second-year pros in Dallas, replacing Derrick Rose on the sophomore roster for the Rookie Challenge on Friday. Though his team was ultimately defeated by the Rookies 140-128, Morrow had a solid showing, shooting 7/12 from the field for 15 points in 26 minutes.

This performance came on the heels of back-to-back double-doubles. In last Wednesday’s win over the Clips, Morrow grabbed 10 rebounds, dished six assists and put up 26 points – going 5/5 at the free throw line. And though the Warriors lost to the Mavs on Monday, Morrow scored 33 points and pulled down 11 rebounds.

Morrow’s minutes have fluctuated along with his points, but he’s one of your better streak shooters who can rack up points in bunches. With his team assailed by mounting injuries, Morrow will continue to see more court time. He’s got four games this week and coming off an inspiring All-Star break he should be poised to hit his stride. So if you’re willing to roll the dice, bet on Morrow.

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