Mike Looks Back: Not all our Stars will make it to Dallas

When I was a coach I always took the All-Star reserves vote very seriously. I felt the Game was a great honor for players. So it was important for me to take the time to carefully consider the leading candidates and get as close as possible to picking those most deserving of the opportunity – which only rolls around once for some guys.

Every season when it came time to vote I would hold a meeting with my staff. We’d review player statistics and we’d look at team records. I’ve always felt that winning counts and that guys with winning records should get extra credit for contributing to their teams’ successes. But of course there are exceptions – sometimes a guy on a losing  team has an extraordinary year and deserves to get the All-Star nod.

Tonight the 2010 All-Star reserves will be revealed. In a league teeming with talent, coaches had to make some tough decisions to fill out the seven remaining spots on each team. I think they had four clear-cut choices for both the East and the West. For the East, guards Joe Johnson and Rajon Rondo and forwards Chris Bosh and Gerald Wallace make the cut hands down. For the West you have to go with guards Brandon Roy, Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups along with forward Dirk Nowitzki.

But now look how difficult it becomes for coaches to round out their selections – a process further complicated by having to achieve the right position balance. In the East you’ve got guys like Perkins, Lee, Lopez, Granger, Shaq, Smith and Rose. And In the West Durant, Randolph, Brooks and Ellis are having standout seasons in addition to the usual suspects Williams, Gasol, Kidd and Parker. With only three openings on each team, inevitably some worthy stars are going to get left off the roster. In any case, we can look forward to watching many of our league’s finest put on a great show in Dallas next month.


  1. richie says:

    just because you forgot to mention derrick rose and kevin durant, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You cleary haven’t been watching much basketball this season at all. Derrick rose is by far the hardest PG in the league, i dont think there is one PG in this league that can go to the rim as hard as him. And not to mention Kevin’s jumpshots and periemeter shooting is absoloutely amazing, hes an all-star.

  2. Ill talk about the east 1st, an the 1st thing i wanna about that is i dont understand why the fans voted AI into the starting line-up, ya he had an amazing career for his stature an all but he had his time…this guy doesnt need the appreciation that Jordan got(which i didnt totally argree with either), cause AI didnt do the things Jordan did. The only other problem i had with the selections for the east team is the reserve center position, David Lee should have got it, this guy is as stepped his game up an he made it aware to everyone on Thursday night when he went an dominated after finding out he been snubbed. I feel this is the situation you were talking about when ignoring that he is on a loosing team is necessary(besides the knicks have been fairly competitive this year…) I think Andrea Bargani, Brook Lopez an Kendrik Perkins should have also been chosen over Horford. An if were gonna vote AI into the game because of why i feel was outta respect an appreciation then why not do the same for Shaq? Now for the west… Stoudemire should be in the Forwards category 1st of all, an if that was the case the i feel the center position should have went to Pau Gasol an Chris Kamen, i feel those to are the most skilled big guys in the league(until Blake Griffin get on the court). So with Amare not in the center position i dont think he would make the roster in the forwards category, there are alot of good players to choose from, although i do feel him an aswell as Aldridge, Durant, Mello, Dirk, Duncan, Odom, an Louis Schola are all more deserving than Zach Randolph… Hope u got the time to read all this 🙂 if not its just me ranting about basketball to myself, i love this game

  3. Niko K. says:

    I have upmost respect for you, sir – but good god, what madness drove you not to mention Kevin Durant along with your “clear-cut choices”? The guy is averaging almost 30 points and he is the main reason why OKC has a winning record, they’d be nothing without him.
    Greetings from Germany

  4. You forgot Kaman! WTH is wrong with you. He got robbed. The best TRUE CENTER IN THE WEST. But yet no Centers chosen for Western Reserves. Gasol doesn’t deserve it. He missed like half games. Even Andrew Bynum is more deserving than Gasol. When did going to work half the time reward you with employee of the m onth.

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