Czar Asks You: The People’s Team?

The NBA All-Star starting lineups will soon be revealed and where you stand on the selection process probably depends on what you think the All-Star Game itself is all about.

I believe the All-Star game is supposed to be a contest among the best players in the NBA. And by best players I mean those performing at the top of their games and profoundly contributing to their teams’ success up to this point in the season – apart from how any particular player performed in seasons past.

For some players achieving this caliber of play may come around only once in a career. And I think it’s a shame when those deserving of this opportunity miss out. It’s also a shame when fans have to endure a lopsided competition, such as last year’s in which the West far outsized the East and outscored them by 27 points.

Yes, this event is supposed to be fun and entertaining. And as the world spotlight continues to grow so does the spectacle – evidenced by the fact that this year’s will be held at Cowboys Stadium.  But part of what makes any game entertaining is a high level of competition.

I had the privilege of coaching the East back in 1988 and believe me, at the end of the day whether you’re a coach or a player you want to win this game just as badly as any regular season or playoff game.

In light of recent All-Star Ballot updates producing some questionable candidates for the 2010 starting lineup, Ray Allen proposed that the voting system be amended so that the Fan Vote counts for 50 percent with the other 50 percent split between the players and the media. He believes this would ultimately make the All-Star Game more competitive and exciting – less “watered down.”

On the other hand the Fan Vote does engage the fans and generate excitement. And at the end of the day, it’s their league. Maybe if we need to make a change, we should expand the teams from 12 to 15 players – and let the three additional players be selected from any position. Or perhaps eligibility requirements should be modified.

I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution. After all, there’s a tremendous amount of talent in the NBA vying for a handful of coveted positions. What do you think? How should the All-Star starting lineups be selected?


  1. for instance AI this year…

  2. Charles says:

    I think the eligibility requirements need to be changed. It has always been a popularity contest with the same 8 or 10 guys getting voted in year after year without regard to their performance in the current season. The starting lineup for both teams is a joke.

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