Mike’s Take: Living up to the Hype

I’m torn about which team to root for in today’s playoff game because I’ve laid down some tracks in Ohio, but my roots are in the NY/NJ area.

The Jets did what they had to do to get into the playoffs, beating the Colts and Cinci in their last two; but those teams weren’t playing at full strength. And if we look back over the second half of the year there isn’t another big quality win in there.

In fact, for the season they only have a couple other wins against teams with a better than 500 records. But the Jets do boast the NFL’s top ranked defense and a dominant running game.  Maybe I’m old fashioned but I believe that always gives you a chance to win in the playoffs.

Rookie QB Sanchez has to continue his conservative play, avoid taking risks with the ball and let the team’s strengths give them a chance to win. Coaches always worry about the negatives while working to keep their teams confident, but you don’t want the players to get ahead of themselves.

The Jets are a young team that deserves to be in the playoffs — but it’s going to take their best effort of the season to get to the second round. The hype won’t do it.

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