Gameday Dish: Mike and Marv call Heat-Spurs on NYE

Dick Clarke doesn’t have anything on Marv and me. We’ll be ringing in the new decade watching two of the most prominent players of the last ten years face off: Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan.

Wade’s supporting cast has taken a step forward this year with the addition of a revived Jason Richardson and much improved play from Michael Beasley, while the Spurs are just beginning to show the signs of a team that many predicted would challenge the Lakers for the top spot in the West. Though the Spurs have yet to prove themselves against teams with winning records (they’ve only beat Dallas and Houston), I expect we’ll see them continue their recent run and play their best ball in the second half of the season.

Duncan is still playing at an all-world level, Ginobli and Parker are returning to full strength, and Jefferson, McDyess, and impressive rookie DeJuan Blair are becoming more comfortable in Pop’s system. And just in case watching Wade and Duncan isn’t compelling enough, I’m sure you’ll want to tune in and find out which tie the fans selected for me to wear during tonight’s broadcast? And will Marv don a Tux? Tune in to TNT at 7 p.m.  ET to find out.


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