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Czar Trivia

As of the 2010-2011 season, the Palace of Auburn Hills, home to the Detroit Pistons, has the largest seating capacity amongst NBA arenas. The stadium can seat 22,076.

On the Road with Mike: You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

Had a chance to catch up with my former assistant coach and longtime friend Brian Hill over lunch before calling the Nets-Pistons game on Tuesday. Brian, former head coach of the Magic and (Vancouver) Grizzlies, joined Detroit’s coaching staff this season.

Photo courtesy of Adam Pantozzi / Nets Basketball

We both grew up in Jersey and met by chance at a driver education certification class when we were looking for our first jobs out of college. We had wanted to teach physical education back at our respective high schools so we could get involved with their coaching programs.

But neither school had openings in phys. ed.  Coincidentally the only fulltime positions available at both schools were in driver ed. So we wound up enrolling in the same certification class in order to get the jobs. Fortunately our careers evolved – Brian turned out to be a great coach and remains a great friend.