Fratello’s Freebies: Just Wright DVD Giveaway

I made my big screen debut in Just Wright last May and got a chance to meet Queen Latifah, Common and some of the other cast members when Marv, Kenny and I shot our emotional scenes at the Nets’ former arena in Secaucus.

The film was recently released on Blu-ray and DVD and the folks at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment were generous enough to send me a few copies. I plan to take one on the road and I’m going to give away the rest to some of you who have been checking in on Facebook.
I’m thinking if I want a future in the biz I better study some of the great dramatic performances in sports movies. So help me out by going to and posting your top two sports flicks of all time as a “Comment” on my Page. Six winners will be randomly selected from those who post their picks before midnight EST on Sunday, October 17th.


  1. Joel Kravitz says:


    You look and sound great. Your friend Ron should have a fun year…maybe. There are some pretty high expectations there; and as a lifetime Cleveland Cavaliers fan, I am sure you can imagine how a fan feels about all that.

    I wanted to give you a little something to think about. I see you are on top of the social networking thing and I think it is great for fans to be able to virtually interact with the people that make the game fun for them. How about a little feature called “The Czar makes rhyme and reason of tonight’s game.” I know a ghost writer who could deliver 4-8-or 12 lines or maybe a couple of limericks with the run down of the game you are calling if you were to give hime the keys to the game. I understand from his daughter that he still has it and is still delivering top notch punch line poetry.

    Take care.


    • Mike Fratello says:

      Thanks for following Joel, I appreciate your suggestion. It’s great to get feedback from the folks who read my blog. If there were a few more hours in the day I might be able to try my hand at poetry, but between traveling, game night preparations, production meetings, broadcasts and my new social media duties it’s going to be tough for me to find the time. I do think it’s a clever idea so if inspiration knocks perhaps I’ll give it a shot.

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