Czar’s End of Year Awards: Most Improved Player

[nba-video vid=channels/nba_tv/2010/04/12/]


  1. Kobe Bryant says:

    Durant should be in this discussion. Its obvious people arent gonna give him the MVP because they are riding lebrons nuts but the team doubled its wins from last season and Durant got better in Points per game and rebounds while staying with the same assists from last year. Not to mention the OKC team is nowhere as talented as the Cavaliers and yet they made it to the playoffs with Durant carrying the Team night after night.

  2. Leo From Arlington Heights says:

    Most improved has got to go to Joakim Noah. I mean, come on. He went from being a player that most people wondered why he was in the NBA to being one of the better Rebounders and energy guys in the NBA.

    I am shocked that his name isn’t brought up more.

  3. Anthony says:

    Love your choices, but no love for Joakim Noah?

  4. j.young says:

    Aaron Brooks

  5. Nick Young says:

    what about andray blatche his ppg is up 12 since after the all-star break 3 ast n 3 rebs


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